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Diet & Nutrition

Diet is not just a four-letter word, it is a way of healthy eating combined with a
disciplined lifestyle that can be sustained for the rest of our lives. Diet doesn’t have to be rigid in any way, it completely depends on various factors and the individual’s body and metabolism.

Why is DIET important?

Whatever we do or wherever we go, our biggest pleasure is food. People associate food with happiness and if taken in a positive way, diet can be enjoyable and tasty too.
Following a nutritious diet is key to maintaining our body’s natural functions and regulating metabolism. It’s through food only that we get all the essential amino acids, carbohydrates, and essential fats plus the micronutrients that are vitamins and minerals. Without all these nutrients our body can’t function optimally and for an active individual, eating a healthy balanced diet is of crucial importance.

What are the types of DIET?

There are many types of diet. Few are listed below-

  1. Fad diet– this diet focusses on excluding a specific macronutrient(either carbs fat or protein) from the diet just to reduce the calories and lose weight.
  2. Keto diet– very popular among youngsters nowadays. Keto is primarily a high fat(70% of total calories), moderate protein(25%) and very low carb diet(5%). The body gets accustomed to burning fat as fuel by a process called ketosis that produces ketone bodies in the liver.
  3. Military diet– its a diet comprising of my 3 meals during the day and that too of little calories. It’s a fast way of losing weight in a quick duration of time.
  4. Blood group diet– diets are designed according to the specific blood group of the individual. There are 4 main blood groups- O, A, AB, B.


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